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Additional Door Sensor compatible with Smart GarageTM Control, myQ® Smart GarageTM Hub and myQ Garage®

  • Add control of your second garage door opener to Smart Garage™ Control, myQ® Smart Garage™ Hub or myQ Garage®.
  • Secure, control and monitor your second garage door through the myQ app.
  • Easy installation and programming.


Home Connectivity with myQ

Smartphone Control

Check the status and control your garage door and myQ lights with the myQ App.

Guest Access

Securely share access to your garage with people you know and trust. (Note: this is not intended for guests under the age of 16.)

Real-time alerts

Get notified when your garage door opens, closes, or is left open.

Daily schedules

Preset times for your garage door to close or your myQ lights to turn on/off every day.

Control two garage doors

Add the ability to monitor, open and close a second garage door with an additional garage door sensor (SKU: MYQ-G0402, sold separately).


IMPORTANT: Requires purchase of the Smart Garage Control (Models: MYQ-G0401 and 821LMC), or Smart Garage Hub 1st generation (Models: MYQ-G0201 & 821LM) and 2nd generation (Models: MYQ-G0301 & 821LMB). Each sold separately. Each Hub can control up to two garage door openers.