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What is a Compatibility Bridge?

HomeLink, a leader in the automotive industry, is a vehicle-integrated system that controls garage door openers, gate operators and home interior and exterior lighting. As technology quickly advances, we often need to connect to existing devices still in use. Some HomeLink equipped cars need a technology bridge to properly program the HomeLink system to our full line of products. A Compatibility Bridge – is just that, a device which connect two devices that sometimes do not speak the same language – a translator of sorts!

To Order HomeLink® Compatibility Bridge
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Helpful Hints
These steps will ensure a fast and knowledgeable installation:

• One Compatibility Bridge can support up to ten devices; only one bridge needed per home.

• Battery backup garage door opener users - put the original opener remote control in your glove box to use in case of power outage.

• Note that many vehicles have tinted windows. This tinting has a metallic content which could interfere with the range of signal exiting from your vehicle and is not a defect in the opening device.

Use this tool to find out if you need a compatibility bridge to program your garage door opener to your vehicle(s).


Programming Your Compatibility Bridge

Compatibility Bridge Programming Instructions
See step-by-step instructions on how to install the Compatibility Bridge by clicking the download button below for the HomeLink Compatibility Bridge Programming Guide.

Installation Without Compatibility Bridge

HomeLink Programming Instructions
See step-by-step instructions on how to program HomeLink by clicking the download button below for the HomeLink Programming Guide.


Please note that Car2U is a competitive product to HomeLink and is not compatible with Chamberlain products without a repeater. This product can be identified and differentiated from HomeLink with its three LEDs. Please contact LearCar2U or by phone 1-248-896-8544 for further details.

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