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How do I change the battery in the keypad?

We have several different styles of keypads and therefore the steps on removing the battery cover are different, below are the instructions on how to remove the battery cover for each style. Please keep in mind that it will take quite a bit of force to remove, but do not worry about breaking the battery cover, as it is designed to be removed this way.



The older style keypad has a screw holding the battery cover in place. You will need a Phillips head screw driver to remove the battery cover, once you remove the battery cover the battery cover should slid off. See below for reference.










(940CB, 976LM, and 376LM)

The second oldest style keypads have a pin hole at the bottom of the keypad cover, you will have to insert a small Phillips screw driver into the small hole at the bottom of the cover and gently pull outward to loosen and slide the cover down to remove. Below is a picture you can reference.

940CB, 976LM and 376LM style keypad





(940D, 940EV, 977LM, 377LM, 877LM, and the 877MAX)

The current style keypads have an oval cut out on the top of the battery cover. To remove the battery cover, insert a flat head screw driver in the oval cut out and apply pressure on the screw driver against the battery cover and slide the battery cover down then remove. Below is a picture you can reference.

New Style keypads