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Safety & Convenience


Chamberlain® is one of the top home connectivity companies in the industry with our MyQ® technology. Because the garage door is a frequent access point to the home, MyQ is essential to the connected home experience by allowing people to monitor and control their garage door from anywhere, anytime with their smartphones. We work with other innovators in the home products industry, including developers, device manufacturers, technology integrators and others.

  Apple HomeKit  

MyQ works with Apple HomeKit


In early 2017, Chamberlain is adding Apple HomeKit compatibility to MyQ-enabled devices. With new product rollouts planned this spring and summer, your garage is in for some big smart home upgrades.

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Safety & Convenience

Comcast XFINITY Home

XFINITY Home is a whole home solution that seamlessly integrates your MyQ account with other smart home devices through one, easy-to-use platform and app.

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Safety & Convenience

MyQ® works with Nest®

Users can easily and quickly set their Nest Learning Thermostat to Home and Away modes as part of the Chamberlain MyQ app.

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Safety & Convenience

MyQ Links with Wink

Wink is one quick and simple way to connect you and the products you rely on in the home.

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Chamberlain products enabled with MyQ smartphone control now allow you to easily connect to your home from anywhere with your smartphone.
Stay close. Stay connected. Stay in control with MyQ smartphone control.
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