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Safety & Convenience

MyQ® works with Nest Cam

MyQ lets you keep an eye on coming and going activities at home, and the Nest Cam shows you what’s happening at home when you’re not there. Once the garage door is in motion or home activity is detected, MyQ alerts show you exactly what’s happening.

See video of kids arriving home from school, or neighbors, dog walkers, and babysitters coming and going as scheduled.

MyQ with Nest Cam bring added safety, security and peace of mind to your family – from anywhere.

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Safety & Convenience

Monitor garage and home activity with MyQ and Nest

MyQ and Nest Cam give you a valuable view of your home from your phone. From within the MyQ app, you can:

  •   Monitor home activity with live video every time the garage door opens.
  •   Get MyQ alerts when Nest Cam detects motion in the garage or at home.
  •   View event history for a look inside your family’s daily home activity.
  •   Access both MyQ and Nest Cam from anywhere within one smartphone.
  •   See time lasped video clips in event history if you have a Nest Cam.

Linking MyQ with Nest

From within Settings on your MyQ app, select Account Linking and Nest. With a Nest account and Nest Cam installed at home, you’ll now see your home’s activity from within your MyQ app. Enjoy new visual awareness and control over your home – from your phone.

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Download the MyQ App

Have peace of mind and experience the power of garage and home access from anywhere.

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Download the Nest App

Account Linking and control your garage door and Nest devices from one place.

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Chamberlain products enabled with MyQ smartphone control now allow you to easily connect to your home from anywhere with your smartphone.

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