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Chamberlain Group Automotive Connectivity Solutions and STEER Tech Bring Driverless Parking Technology to the Home


In Q1 2020, Chamberlain Group (CGI) is partnering with STEER Tech to provide a driverless valet service for homeowners. CGI is a global leader in access control, known for Chamberlain® and LiftMaster® garage door opener brands and myQ® smart technology, while STEER is an innovator of autonomous parking technology. By integrating CGI’s myQ® Auto solution and STEER’s autonomous parking technology, homeowners with a myQ smart garage now have self-parking and auto summon capabilities for their vehicles.

Designed to save time, reduce frustration and create a seamless transportation experience, STEER’s aftermarket, full-service platform provides an autonomous parking solution that allows drivers to safely park or summon their car using the STEER app on their smartphone. Through integrated myQ Auto technology and the myQ Intelligent Door State™, the STEER app is able to share real-time garage door status data for driverless cars, enabling the vehicle to understand if the homeowner’s garage door is open or closed, and therefore park itself. Additionally, understanding the state of the garage door mitigates the risk of remote-starting and summoning a driverless car when the garage door is still closed. When closed, the myQ Safe Remote Start™ feature sends an automatic alert to the car owner through the STEER app letting them know it is unsafe to start the car and prompts the owner to open the garage door. This feature provides an added safety check against hazardous carbon monoxide conditions in the garage as well as other potentially dangerous situations.

“Combining autonomous parking technology with the intuitive functionality of myQ, empowers users to monitor, control and inherently know the state of the garage door from the STEER App for added safety that redefines vehicle-to-home access solutions,” said Jim Trainor, Vice President and General Manager Automotive at CGI. “We are excited to work with STEER, a leader in automated parking technology, to make the journey from car to home even more effortless and secure for the driver. As vehicle automation and connectivity continues to evolve, self-parking and the myQ Auto integrated STEER app is just the beginning of this technology’s capabilities.”

STEER’s ability to safely park in tight, otherwise inaccessible spaces, combined with myQ’s hands-off garage access enables homeowners to maximize limited garage space. With STEER’s autonomous park and summon features, homeowners no longer have to worry about having enough space to get in and out of the car while inside the garage. Instead, they can comfortably exit their car outside of the garage when they arrive home and send the car into their garage to park or have the car waiting for them in the driveway when they leave. See how here.

“The big-picture vision is for consumers to not have to think about putting away their cars when they get home. Consumers can experience how easy it can be to transition to their next activity and focus on the things that bring them joy. Your car needs to park. You don’t,” said Anuja Sonalker founder and CEO of STEER Tech. “Working with innovative solutions like myQ Auto provides an even richer, more secure experience for our users by allowing them to safely summon their car from a garage and have control over the largest access point in their home.”


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