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The #1 smart home app to monitor and control your garage door

Why you need MyQ®

Did you know that 70% of U.S. homeowners use the garage door as the main access point to their home? With the ability to control and check the status of your garage door from anywhere, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your home is secure.

The MyQ app includes core features that allow you to control your garage door, get status notifications and set schedules* from anywhere.  Linking MyQ to partner apps for more enhanced garage control options such as voice control or geo-fence closing may require an accessory purchase or subscription fee. Subscription fee applies after 30-day free trial ends. Visit for more details.

Activity Alerts

Get activity alerts

Get real-time alerts on your smartphone every time the garage door opens or closes. Review the activity log to easily browse all garage door activity at once.

Control From Anywhere

Control from anywhere

Open and close the garage door using your smartphone at any time and from almost anywhere. Use MyQ® to also let friends or family in while you’re away.

Create schedules

Create schedules

Program your garage door to close or your MyQ® lighting to go on/off at designated times with customized schedules. Never worry again if you left your garage open.

account linking

Add to your MyQ experience with account linking

Control your garage door with simple voice commands, automatically close your door with geo-fencing and more. Visit the integrations page for full details.



Powerful integration

MyQ® has teamed up with the top names in technology, security, and voice control giving you the power to make your garage the center of your smart home ecosystem.

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Shop MyQ® products

With an ever expanding line of smart garage door openers and accessories, Chamberlain has the MyQ®-enabled product to get you connected. Who knew that getting a smart garage was this easy?


Get started now - download MyQ®

We love the app. I use to worry whether my garage door was shut. Sometimes I would double back to check, but more often I would just worry. Now I can check. If it is open, I can close it from anywhere.


Have the right hardware to use MyQ®? Check out our MyQ Compatibility Tool.




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